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If an expert with relevant experience and knowledge is needed to solve any issues related with your research/clinical trials, we can be your perfect business partner for the necessary period. Especially for the start-up business owners who cannot afford full-time employees or who needs an independent specialized professional, we will happily provide them with the flexible service.


Writing Service


A successful clinical study starts with a well-designed protocol. From planning clinical development strategy to CSR production, We can provide you with flexible services adjusted to your own needs. So far, We generated various types of regulatory documents submitted to MFDS (Korea), regulatory bodies of east Asian countries, US FDA, and EMA. Besides, we also have helped lots of researchers to publish their valuable data by providing editing and consulting services.



Based on more than 10 years of experience as medical writers, project managers, or auditors, we developed many training materials to deliver essential skills, practical tips, work ethics, and many other relevant topics for medical writers and as well for CRA, project managers, and researchers.



Translating has been regarded as a simple technical process of replacing the source language with the target language. However, it is more than that. Unless the translator fully understands the document content, he will never produce the perfect document in other language. Such a concern is unnecessary when you work with us.

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